January 27, 2019

The festive season is well and truly over. Next stop Pancake Day and then Valentines Day, and do you know what? I’ve been really good. I barely indulged in treats and booze, so my gorgeous figure is the same as it was before silly season! Well, of course it is! And you know I’ve never been one for modesty! So gentlemen, I’m ready to go out for dinner with you. The finer the restaurant the better please!

Actually I haven’t been out to dinner for a while, so I’m really ready for it. I’ve got a new dress too. It’s nice and short, but still classy. A figure hugging black dress, above the knee, so I can show off my legs. It looks great with my heels. A little off the shoulder too, just the way I like them. Splash a little...

January 11, 2019

This is for selfish reasons you understand. Apart from my very devoted regular gentlemen friends, I’ve barely seen anyone over Christmas. You guys have been making sure the wife and kids are all taken care of and you’ve forgotten about Ria! I’m kidding of course, I can manage without you, but I have genuinely missed getting as much attention.

It’s not just me being an attention whore of course. I’ve been getting tired of the whole shopping thing, all the people dashing back and forth to the shops to buy 20 loaves of bread and 12 gallons of milk when the stores are only closed for a day! It does get a little tiring when you live in London. Hell, it’s busy enough as it is, but at Christmas time it’s even worse! Ah well,...

January 2, 2019

 Hi guys, I'm back in London and working again, following a long (ish) holiday - well sabbatical really. I've been very lucky to have spent some wonderful time with family and friends, visiting Australia, Japan and Mexico. I needed break after two years without one, and I'm glad to say that I am refreshed, randy and raring to go. I have a lovely all over tan, which I am dying to show off. Hope to hear from you soon. Ria x

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