April 21, 2019

It’s nights like the one I’ve just had that really bring it home to me just how wonderful it is to be an independent Japanese escort. The reason I emphasise the “Japanese” part this time is because this guy absolutely loves Asian women, and when he got a look at me he nearly peed his pants! I love it when a guy gets a little overwhelmed when they meet me, it kind of makes me feel horny straight away! It’s that knowing that someone wants you feeling that every girl hopes for when they get themselves ready before going out.

Inside the wardrobe of an independent Japanese escort!

And my goodness did I look fantastic! Asian girls are naturally slim anyway, as you already know, and I have a lovely figure. What’s even better...

April 18, 2019

Whilst many of you will know I love to eat Japanese food (well, any Asian food really!), I do like to mix it up a little when I can. And being an independent Japanese escort allows me plenty of opportunity to do this. I get taken out a lot! I don’t mean by lots of different men or anything, just a few of the really nice ones. There are only so many hours in the day you know, and a girl’s gotta sleep right?

Anyway, so I have this client who actually is Italian. No, I’m not giving away anything here, do you know how many Italians live in London today? He’s the perfect gentleman to me, which in turn is rare in my experience with Italian men!

No offence meant, but some of them are more than a little egotistical. This guy t...

April 13, 2019

Of course I want bookings, but that’s not the point of this diary entry really. As some of you may already know, I’m an independent Japanese escort who likes to have a rant and rave occasionally and today is one of those days I’m afraid. I’m referring to Facebook today. Or indeed any of those other websites that show you mindless bullshit by the minute. It’s time we stopped in my opinion. It’s time we did something with our lives instead of learning how to make a chocolate Coca Cola bottle filled with mini eggs, or how to make a coat hanger out of your dead hair etc. etc.

I mean, what have we turned into? It used to be a place where you could keep in touch with friends and perhaps read the occasional article of intere...

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