OMG! Dinner Out With A Lovely Guy!

It’s nights like the one I’ve just had that really bring it home to me just how wonderful it is to be an independent Japanese escort. The reason I emphasise the “Japanese” part this time is because this guy absolutely loves Asian women, and when he got a look at me he nearly peed his pants! I love it when a guy gets a little overwhelmed when they meet me, it kind of makes me feel horny straight away! It’s that knowing that someone wants you feeling that every girl hopes for when they get themselves ready before going out.

Inside the wardrobe of an independent Japanese escort!

And my goodness did I look fantastic! Asian girls are naturally slim anyway, as you already know, and I have a lovely figure. What’s even better about my figure is that I don’t have to work very hard to keep it in shape! Yes, I admit it, I do tend to skip the gym a little too often. But then considering I’m only a young Japanese escort, I can get away with it a little. I may have to rethink my regime when I get a bit older if I want to maintain this look I suppose. But who has the time to think too hard about getting older?

My date

I should start by telling you that I sometimes like to refer to my Independent bookings as “dates”. This is because they mostly feel like dates. It feels even more like a date when the client who books me, takes me out to dinner! And this is what happened! It’s what a young independent Japanese escort such as myself longs for! Consequently, instead of 150%, I give 250%! If a gentleman has been kind enough to take me out to dinner, as well as pay me for my time, the least I can do it reciprocate right? And you know that we Asians have a very particular way to show our gratitude!

My date and I went to Mari Vanna, that Russian place in Knightsbridge. He was staying at The Bulgari, nearby of course, but fancied dining somewhere else. I did happen to go back to The Bulgari later on, but I’m not going to tell you much about that! Suffice to say, it was the perfect end to a very perfect evening.

Anyway, Mari Vanna is a delightful restaurant. In much the same way as you’d find a small Japanese restaurant back home, adorned with various accoutrements around the place, Mari Vanna was smothered with them. The whole place is like walking into the home of a middle class Russian home at the turn of the 20th century! Everything from the pictures on the wall, to the sturdy wooden furniture, the chandeliers and the opera music playing in the background. The food! The food… well, there are no words to describe it; and I’ve been to some lovely places to eat. Let’s just say that this independent Japanese escort never dreamed that such old and traditional Russian dishes could taste so marvellous!

I’d recommend going. And by the way, I’d go again any day, if you want to take me?

Ria X

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