I’m Loving The Lessons I Teach As An Independent Japanese Escort

No, I’m not a teacher! Not in the conventional sense anyway. Although my parents would probably disagree with me there. I’ve taught them a lot about the UK and English culture (hell, someone had to!) I’m talking about the lessons I get to teach as a Japanese independent escort. What are those you may well ask? Well, mostly it’s about intimacy and self-worth.

It really is possible to teach intimacy you know. Even a young, independent Japanese escort such as myself has some very useful insight to share. In actual fact, I should probably say that I’m more experienced than most women, considering my experience with men and relationships.

Now, I’ve had my fair share of offers, and believe me when I tell you that I’ve been tempted a time or two, but I have never agreed to enter into a relationship with any one of my clients. This is simply because I like to see different men all the time, and you should know that it’s nothing to do with how nice the guys are that ask me out.

In actual fact, let me say here and now, the men I meet and spend time with are among the nicest I’ve ever met. It’s this fact that makes me confident that they’ll find someone very special to them before too long.

You have to be an optimist when you’re an independent Japanese escort; well you have to optimistic when you’re any kind of escort in reality!

Many of the clients I see have some form of personality “defect” they say. They claim that they’re not suitable for dating, or they’re “broken” in some way or other. Most of the time it’s all about submitting to certain levels of intimacy, being honest with yourself and others, and the ability to develop the way you view your life. The whole “optimistic” thing I’m talking about stems from the belief that there is something better, and this is what I try to convey to my clients when they tell me such things. Not better than me of course! Even though I know I’m an intermediary, somewhat remedial decision they’re making at this point in their lives. It’s a decision that needs to be made, and I’ve yet to have anyone say it was a bad one!

Getting over an ex with an independent Japanese escort.

Yes, I’ve also been used to get over an ex. Hang on a second. I think the word “used” is the wrong one really. Because I’ve certainly never felt as though I’ve been used before. An independent Japanese escort, or any independent escort for that matter, shouldn’t feel as though they’re being “used” in the negative sense of the word. Consider who you turn to when you’re upset or you need some support. You turn to the one you feel most qualified to alleviate your problem right?

Of course you do, it’s only human to do such a thing. So when a man is feeling neglected and in need of female attention he books female company because he knows he’ll get the comfort and understanding that’s missing from his life. Sometimes it’s just not the right time to get back out there on the “dating scene”; not somewhere I’ve been for a very long time, and for very good reasons!

So, although I’m no therapist, I can actually help. I know I write these diary entries in order to get more business, but I do really care about my profession, and I believe that’s what makes me one of the best independent escorts in London to be perfectly honest. Hell, you’ve gotta say it like it is! And yes… I am blowing my own trumpet!

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