Who Reads The Blog Of An Independent Japanese Escort?

Sometimes I wonder how many people read my blog. It’s not as though escorting in London is anything new really. I just write my feelings down occasionally, and I genuinely think that it helps me to unwind. I don’t make an exhaustive documentation of what I get up to all the time in my career, I don’t think that would be very professional in many respects.

However, being an independent Japanese escort really is a life that’s full of surprises and lots of fun, so I do sometimes make a few vague recollections about my “dates!” Who could blame me. I actually hope that my clients read the blog, simply because they may get to read that I’ve had a particularly nice time. I am being totally honest now when I say that I very rarely have a bad time; and hell… I wouldn’t write about those would I? No… I’d save those for my therapist! Kidding! Kidding…

What do I do in my free time?

For those of you who are interested, and I mean genuinely interested in the life of an independent Japanese escort, I’ll tell you a little. However, don’t get too excited about it, because I think you’ll find that it’s pretty much the same as most people when it comes to free time. I like to shop mostly when I get the time. You’d be surprised at just how much wear I get out of a particular pair of shoes, or a particularly lovely evening dress. Yes, you see, I can scrub up pretty well… I even wear evening dresses sometimes. Hey… I can be “Pretty Woman” too you know! Julia Roberts has nothing on me man!

When I’m not spending my hard earned cash, I’m working out at the gym, taking care of my prize butt! Hey, that’s what they say fellas, it’s not a case of vanity here. Maybe you’ll see for yourself one day! At least when you’re an independent Japanese escort, you don’t have to compete with twenty or more other Japanese girls from an agency that don’t really give a shit whether you get a booking or not. I work hard to keep myself in shape and deliver a great service. So far it’s paying off!

At other times (and there aren’t that many other times, believe me) I like to read mostly, or walk around the city people watching. If I wasn’t an independent Japanese escort, I’d probably be some kind of anthropologist! I simply love observing people, their environments and their habits. I suppose this is one of the main things that endears me to so many as such a good escort. I know people… But I know men even better!

I’ll tell you more in the future if you keep your eye on the blog!

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