The Sun Is Making Me Feel Like Having Fun!

In between the rain that is! The rain doesn’t make me happy at all, unless I’ve got a client at the flat and they’re in the mood to relax. There are a couple of guys I see that like to just hang out, and it’s really comfortable. During the recent rain I sat quite literally at my window watching the world go by, and everyone else getting wet. One of the small bonuses of being an independent Japanese escort is that I get to spend as much time as I want indoors!

Here comes the sun!

But it’s not like that now. It seems like the rain has given way to allow me and my friends to spread our wings. I’ve got so much planned, and there is so much to do in London. You can bet your life that it will include a lot of shopping, a lot of partying and a lot of me wearing next to nothing! I love to show off my body when I get the chance, but then some of you will already know this right? So where am I going? I’ll tell you.

I’m not going to miss Notting Hill Carnival this year. I missed it last year because I was visiting friends in Newcastle, but I’m not mussing it this year; it’ll take someone to die this year! I shouldn’t have said that of course, some poor devil will now! No, seriously for a minute, it’s a really good time for the independent Japanese escort biz when you’ve got a capital city full of folks! Not to mention you regular clients that are in the party mood. Nothing like going out for a dance in the street, have a couple of drinks, then your phone goes off and it’s one of your favourite guys who wants to come over and show you a good time!

Feels like Christmas! I do so love getting a call when I’m already having a blast, it’s like a drug. It really is. Hard to explain it, but it’s like a mood enhancer. You know when you’re out having drinks with friends, you’re having a dance and enjoying yourself? Well, then you know what it’s like when your best friend that you haven’t seen for like an age suddenly turns up? Now add to that the fact that they’ve just won some money and the drinks are on them… Yes, that’s nearly as good as it feels!

Summertime drinking!

Don’t worry, I’m a sensible, independent Japanese escort. My parents warned me long ago about the dangers of drinking heavily in the sun, and I’ve learned a hell of a lot more lessons on my own; especially at university. But I will be hanging out at a few happening places. Take a look at these and tell me if you’ve been there:

Don’t go stalking me around those places by the way, if there’s anything I hate more than being out in the rain, it’s stalkers. It’s just creepy man! Don’t do it… Hahaha! Anyway, if you call me first and organise a date, that’s a much better way to do it right? I am an independent Japanese escort, and I’m available at your will!

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