Of Course You Can Buy Me A Pressie! I Love Pressies!

Doesn’t matter whether you’re an independent Japanese escorts or not, every girl likes to get presents! And contrary to what some of my incredibly kind clients say, I am just a girl. Some escorts don’t encourage it, because apparently they sometimes get clients who believe that this gift giving gives them some right of entitlement over their escort. In answer to that, as an independent Japanese escort of some experience, I’d say that they’re getting the wrong type of client!

And secondly, if I have a client that believed they had some kind of entitlement over me, or any type of control, I’d kick them in the nuts and tell the never to call me again; it isn’t as though there’s a shortage of guys who like Japanese girls is there?

I don’t expect anything at all

I’m a big believer in the right thing, so I don’t expect a gift from you. Guys pay me to spend time with them, and I can tell you that in most cases this is gift enough to me! I love it! I don’t get it when people feel compelled to get their escorts gifts. It’s like the tipping culture really isn’t it. I don’t tip either. I give a little extra if the person has gone out of their way to be extra nice and attentive, and I suppose if you have a relationship with an Asian escort that’s like this, it’s probably appropriate; but I can tell you this, none of the escort friends I have, ever go the extra mile just to get extra money or gifts, they offer a good service because they want to!

This is why I’m not even going to tell you anything you could get me (apart from what’s I’m going to write at the end; I’ve already decided!) I think a gift from someone should be something that they’ve put some thought into, and perhaps something that reflects the way they feel or the appreciation for the service they get. That’s human behaviour isn’t it? Or am I really quite mad? And I don’t get these porn stars and porn star escorts either, who have their Amazon wishlists published on their Twitter accounts! Frankly I find this bloody rude!

Don’t neglect the flowers!

I might be a young Independent Japanese escort, but the old romantic ways have never died you know. That and chivalry will always get a girl going (and no, I’m not talking about slaying a dragon for me!) My father has always brought my mother flowers, and he even used to pick them from their old garden to bring indoors to her, and I always used to think how lovely it was. Yes, that’s right, you’re dealing with a young woman who has a positive father figure!

Surprised that I became an independent Japanese escort? You wouldn’t be the first. It’s a conscious decision guys, and I’m not under anyone’s control; unlike some Asian girls!

So… yeah, get me a pressie if you like, I love them!

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