An Independent Japanese Escort Like Me Isn’t Just “Any” Asian Girl You Know!

I’m talking about obsession today boys! In particular those guys who are obsessed with my race.

Now, ordinarily I wouldn’t be bothered about this sort of thing. After all, I am an independent Japanese escort! But sometimes it gets a bit wearisome. “Wearisome,” is a really lovely word isn’t it? I think I’ll make that my word of the day.

You see, my clients know me a little better than everyone else. They may well have been attracted to me because of my race, but now it’s only a small part of the relationship I have with them. They know that I’m a person. I’m an actual human being with a personality, not just an independent Japanese escort. Or more specifically not just an “Asian babe.” You see it’s this that pisses me off a little. All those guys that hit on me in bars, or even in the street. They tell me that they’re really into Asian women, as if this is something that would impress me. But you see, my grandmother is also Asian. Does this mean that they’d be interested in her too? I mean really?

I wouldn’t mind so much if they mentioned something about me that was distinctive to me, like my hairstyle, my eyes, or even my lovely pert tits! Not Asian eyes, Asian tits, or Asian hair. I am more than simply “Asian!”

Asian women are among the hottest

Now, I’m not a fool. I do know that Asian women are very hot. At least they appear that way to many Western men. And, as I’ve said, being an independent Japanese escort has taught me to appreciate those that admire Asian women. So I wouldn’t want any of you to get the wrong idea and think that I’m fuming about it or anything. It’s not you guys I’m talking about. It’s those race obsessives who think that it’s going to impress Asian girls like myself to hear them tell us how “into” Asian’s they really are. Really? You know, so what, move on from that.

Yes, you like Asian women. Some people like black women, some like fat women, some like tall women, but they don’t bang on and on about it and expect some kind of admiration or recognition for “liking” them do they. They don’t all belong to a fat women appreciation group or whatever. What I’m saying is that being attracted to a “type” is fine, but don’t make it all about that one thing, it’s terribly diminutive and makes people feel like they’re nothing more.

Another rant from Ria there. Hell, I should call this diary “Ria’s Rants,” or something shouldn’t I?

Catch you soon lovelies.

R x

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