Christmas With An Independent Japanese Escort

Yes it’s very nearly upon us guys! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! All that lovely food, the booze, the parties. Not to mention of course, all the lovely bookings I have over the coming weeks with my very favourite clients!

You know who you are darlings. Ria, your very special independent Japanese escort is looking forward to seeing you real soon!

Oxford Street looks amazing, but you know what? Everywhere does in London at the moment.

Christmas is awesome. You should take a look over in Sloane Square too, they’ve done a lovely job around there, and down by the Saatchi Gallery in Duke of York Square, where you’ll find a couple of lovely Christmas trees.

I’ve done a little shopping too, you’ll be pleased to hear. Never let it be said that this independent Japanese London escort doesn’t update her wardrobe from time to time. I know I’ll be going out to a few parties, so I’ve gone and bought myself a couple of rather cute little dresses.

You’ll also be pleased to hear that I got myself some nice lingerie too! Some of you will already know about my passion for panties! So you see, I’m well ready and looking forward to spending some quality time with my favourite gentlemen!

What are your plans? Don’t make yourself too busy at Christmas, it’s the time of year where you start to wind down and relax you know. Get yourself some treats in for the festive period. Go ahead and buy that bottle of brandy you’ve been hankering after, throw extra logs on the fire and invite me around for some Christmas cheer!

Don’t buy me a present

I mean it guys, I get more than enough from you all year around. It means so much to me that you’ve remained as a loyal client for this independent Japanese escort. I feel very privileged to have met you all. I also happen to know that most of you won’t listen to me when I tell you not to buy me a gift, but you should really know that I never expect anything, I’d much rather just have your time (and money of course, a girl’s gotta eat!)

Book me before Christmas for a catch up!

Ria X

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