Don’t Get Mad, Get Even!

I hear it all as an independent Japanese escort. But you know, I don’t mind at all. In my opinion, it’s all part of an escorts job to be there for her client. And I’m lucky enough to be an independent Japanese escort with some adorable clients, so it’s never a chore.

I’m writing this little entry today to encourage you to get even with those who have wronged you. I’m referring to an incident that recently happened and subsequently involved me. I got a new client who booked me after discovering that his wife had been screwing around with five different men behind his back when he was at work.

How she managed to do five guys and keep them all in the dark about each other is beyond me. And I’m an independent Japanese escort for goodness sake, it’s my business to see a number of different men!

But what impressed me about my new client, was that he didn’t get mad with her at all. He simply booked me and we had a great time. I was told by him that it was the most fun he’d had in over ten years. I love it when you guys tell me stuff like that, because I actually know it’s true.

The beauty of this “getting even” thing was that he didn’t even need to tell her that he’d spent time with me, it was enough for him alone to know about it. It made him feel happy and it gave him closure. They say that the only true way to get back at someone who is actually trying to upset you is to stay calm and be perfectly reasonable. That way they’re not affecting you right?

I do allow myself to get a little too involved sometimes, but when a client books an independent Japanese escort, as opposed to a simple agency girl, they expect to have an actual interaction with a human being. And what can I say, I’m a nice girl, I care about my clients and what’s upsetting them. I’m not a counsellor, no, but my type of escort therapy is arguably better than anything else you could pay for!

Ria X

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