Going Italian With An Independent Japanese Escort

Whilst many of you will know I love to eat Japanese food (well, any Asian food really!), I do like to mix it up a little when I can. And being an independent Japanese escort allows me plenty of opportunity to do this. I get taken out a lot! I don’t mean by lots of different men or anything, just a few of the really nice ones. There are only so many hours in the day you know, and a girl’s gotta sleep right?

Anyway, so I have this client who actually is Italian. No, I’m not giving away anything here, do you know how many Italians live in London today? He’s the perfect gentleman to me, which in turn is rare in my experience with Italian men!

No offence meant, but some of them are more than a little egotistical. This guy though, he’s fit, charming and he has plenty of cash.

He knows this place in Knightsbridge called Sale & Pepe (which is Italian for salt and pepper of course). Apparently it’s the oldest Italian restaurant in London. One of the waiters there actually looks as though he could have been there since it opened actually! I mean no offence, when you go you’ll see for yourself. I forget his name, but he’s a lovely old guy and really knows his table service. They’re all good actually. They wear those waistcoats and the aprons like the proper Italian waiters. And they’re all men too. I don’t know why that is, but it’s probably something to do with Italians only wishing to be served by guys or something, what do I know, I’m just an independent Japanese escort for goodness sake!

But I do know about good food. This is why I’m recommending the place to you. If you want to take me there I’d love it! But you may want to take someone else there of course. A special date, or maybe your family. When I went it was for lunch, albeit a little bit of a late lunch. I had their lunch menu and I’d just like to tell you all that it was outstanding. I started with the lentil soup, followed by the chicken and ended it with tiramisu of course! Just enough to eat and the wine was delightful. I’m sorry I don’t know enough about wine to comment intelligently, but I do know it was about £50 a bottle!

Go there, you’ll love it!

Love Ya

Ria X

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