This Is One Independent Japanese Escort That’s Glad It’s All Over

This is for selfish reasons you understand. Apart from my very devoted regular gentlemen friends, I’ve barely seen anyone over Christmas. You guys have been making sure the wife and kids are all taken care of and you’ve forgotten about Ria! I’m kidding of course, I can manage without you, but I have genuinely missed getting as much attention.

It’s not just me being an attention whore of course. I’ve been getting tired of the whole shopping thing, all the people dashing back and forth to the shops to buy 20 loaves of bread and 12 gallons of milk when the stores are only closed for a day! It does get a little tiring when you live in London. Hell, it’s busy enough as it is, but at Christmas time it’s even worse! Ah well, now we have the January sales to look forward to.

I’m actually really looking forward to these though, so I shouldn’t complain about it being busy. And luckily enough I’m right in the middle of the action when it comes to shopping. London is the only place for an independent Japanese escort like me! I’m going to treat myself to some new shoes, some new clothes and I might even invest in some sexy lingerie! So you see, it might be a good time to try and get a booking with me!

So which do you prefer? A basque, a new suspender belt and matching panties, or perhaps something a little kinkier? I’ve been thinking about some new uniforms actually, they really don’t make enough of them if you ask me. It’s always the same: nurse, police, schoolgirl etc. I’d like to see something original like a naughty checkout girl? LOL! Have you ever had one of those fantasies? They say there’s a fetish for everyone, so I’m pretty sure one of you has something like this going on in your filthy little mind! Well, your kinky independent Japanese escort wants to learn all about it!

Call me baby!

Ria X

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