You Can’t Beat A Warm Hotel Room In February.

You know what? I don’t care too much about the winter. I never have. Besides, this is one independent Japanese escort that looks great in a giant parka and woolly hat! Perhaps you’ve already seen me like this?

It’s highly possible. I mean, I always look good for outcall escort bookings, but I don’t travel to them in a tiny cocktail dress, or hot pants in the middle of winter! I’m a discreet creature in reality and in this weather I’ll no doubt turn up to your hotel in my parka and woolly hat.

Don’t ever let that put you off though, because as many of my favourite clients could confirm (were they not such private creatures themselves), just wait until you see what’s underneath.

You can’t beat the warmth of a hotel room at this time of year. This is another reason being an independent Japanese escort works out well for me really. I get to choose when I go out and where I go to a certain extent. Not that an agency wouldn’t give me that choice of course, it’s just that as an escort you’re often not keen to let the agency bookings down through fear of them not calling on you the next time; or even recommending you. Yes, I know, some of them can be really quite uptight!

Only last week I was in a central London hotel, doing my thing so to speak. I decided to indulge in a nice long bath in one of those quality, marble bathrooms. I just love them! It’s a good job that my client is a regular and quite understands me really because I was rather a long time. In the end he just came in and joined me! LOL! Don’t worry, if you’ve never seen me before, I don’t make a habit of this sort of thing, I’m always very attentive!

Book me!

So if you’re in a nice hotel book me! Well, book me anyway, but if you’re in a nice hotel make doubly sure to book me! I’ll be there whenever you need me. Oh and tell me anything you fancy when you call me on the phone, I can always put a little bag of tricks together to bring along. I love to play!

Ria X

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