Go Easy Before You Come And See Me Guys!

I have to say at the start that this sort of thing doesn’t happen very often, I wouldn’t want anyone to get put off coming to see one of the best independent Japanese escorts in London! I’ll make it brief, before I move onto other things.

I just want to say to anyone who has just discovered me online, or to anyone who has seen me before, I don’t like drunks turning up for an appointment. I can usually tell when I talk over the phone, but sometimes there’s one or two that get through.

As I said, thankfully this doesn’t happen very often!

There’s nothing worse than a guy, who is ordinarily a very handsome, polite and attentive gentleman, turning up to your flat barely able to stand up. I’m thinking of it mostly from your point of view too really you know. You’re not likely to enjoy our time together if you’re plastered are you? And you’re not likely to impress me, in any department, if you get what I’m saying! It’s much better to just exercise some restraint, as they say.

No harm in relaxing

There’s absolutely no harm in going for a couple of drinks before you come to see me if you want to lose some of your inhibitions. Even though, this independent Japanese escort is well capable of helping you lose those without the help of a couple of beers! I myself have been known to enjoy a few drinks when I’m on an outcall booking to a hotel or a dinner date etc. but I do know when I’ve had enough. I like to be in control of myself when I’m around people; any people not just clients you understand?

Use your hotel bar as a guideline

I have a little tip for you when it comes to restraint and it’s really rather useful. When you have as much experience as an independent Japanese escort as I have, you tend to pick a few things up like this. Use your hotel bar. Don’t drink anything before you book me. After you’ve called me, wait in the hotel bar half an hour before I am due to meet you and no longer. During that half an hour you can have a couple of drinks; or just one if you’re a little slower than average! This way, you’ll be just right for when your independent Japanese escort angel walks into the bar to meet you. Then you needn’t rush me off to your hotel room, depending of course on how long you’ve booked, buy me a drink and we can chill. You still won’t have had too much!

You see, I’m always coming up with good ideas!

Ria X

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