Overnight Means Overnight!

Do you know how many times I get asked what an overnight booking means? I mean, I don’t want to sound like a bitch or anything, but doesn’t it make sense? Am I writing it in Swahili for goodness sake?

An overnight booking has meant the same as it’s always meant, no matter where you book your independent Japanese escort from, or even if you book from an Asian or any other escort agency. I won’t tell you what I get up to on an overnight booking though. If you’re new to all this, you’ll have to use your imagination a little. Put it this way, I am an independent Japanese escort. You do the math, as they like to say in the US.

I will tell you about the last overnight booking I had though (some of the details!) Outcall independent Japanese escort booking of course, I rarely do incall overnights. It was in a very classy Central London hotel (name removed because I don’t want them suing my ass!) The gentleman in question was a real gentleman; and this makes all the difference by the way! I met him in the hotel bar and we sipped some lovely cocktails. I had Long Island Ice Tea (because I can handle my booze), whilst he sipped Old Fashioned. I do like a man who loves his whiskey, and they look so cool drinking them out of those thick, cut glasses don’t they?

Anyway, after we’d done getting a little tipsy with our cocktails (only a little mind!) we went to the hotel restaurant for dinner. Now this restaurant is really quite famous in London too, but again, I won’t mention the name. Suffice to say that the chef on TV a lot!

Dinner was fantastic, with very expensive wine. I didn’t drink too much of it however. I’m an independent Japanese escort that likes to remain in control of what I’m doing when I’m on a booking; even if it’s a delightfully relaxed and luxurious affair such as this. I had a double espresso after dinner because I knew we’d be up most of the night! I really liked this guy and it was going to be a pleasure to spend the night with him.

He had a suite at the hotel, with a marvellous marble bathroom and large bathtub. I took absolute advantage of this of course and had a nice soak whilst he brought me champagne and chocolates! I’m telling you, it’s a wonder I’m not the size of a house by now with all the fine living I end up doing. It’s a good job I can get to the gym often! Who wants to book a fat independent Japanese escort?

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