Got Ma Shorts Out! Got Ma Legs Out!

Your favourite little independent Japanese escort has been shopping again!

This is the second time I’ve had a splurge on summer clothes. I love summer clothes because there’s hardly any of them. Meaning of course that I don’t have to wear many! To hell with the woolly jumpers, the scarves, the layers, the boots etc. give me a pair of the teeniest, tiniest shorts in the store and a little cropped top and I’m happy.

I don’t even need underwear or shoe if I’m being perfectly honest! Especially for those sweaty afternoons in Hyde Park where I sit around and laugh at the guys taking off their tops, walking around thinking that they’re “The Rock,” or something.

Ah, life is good for an independent Japanese escort in the summer!

Don’t worry though guys, I don’t stay out all day missing your calls, I take my phone with me. It’s about all I can carry in my tiny shorts! So when the call comes in, I hop off to my apartment, power the AC and get myself showered and fresh for my gentleman caller.

And you can have me any way you want me! I’m not saying that, no… you can’t get me that easy! I’m talking about dressed up. You can have me in my shorts, as I am, or you can have me dressed up in some sexy dress or lingerie etc. I will make your day either way! You see what I did there, I rhymed! I’m feeling very “Spesh” now!

I’m sure you can see the effect that this weather is having on me guys. It’s making me a bit overly happy and very excitable. I can guarantee you’ll have a good time if you catch me whilst the sun is shining!

Perhaps you’d like to take me out for a couple of nice cool cocktails in the outdoors? I know some great places. Call me and we can chat about it and I’ll meet you if you like. Then we can go back to yours or my place and chill out together for an hour or so. Whatever you fancy, as long as it’s fun!

Ria x

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