Does This Independent Japanese Escort Speak English?

Of course she does! Well… Of course “I” do! Just because I’ve been raised over here in England for the best part of my life, it doesn’t mean that my parents skipped the opportunity to have me bilingual. They thought it would open many doors for me. It did of course, just the ones they would rather have kept shut! LOL! But these are the doors I like playing behind, as some of you will already know.

The reason I bring this up today is that I’ve actually had quite a lot of interest from some Japanese clients. It’s not totally unusual, and it’s by far the first time of course, but I’ve been asked a lot lately about my grasp of Japanese.

So, to all you gentlemen out there who are wondering if they can get an independent Japanese escort, as gorgeous as me, that speaks their own language, the answer is yes! Here I am!

Actually, going out with a Japanese businessman is pretty cool.

They’re mostly all loaded and they like to have lots of fun! Casinos, restaurants and everything you could imagine, and it’s always the best of everything. I’ve even been to karaoke bars with these guys! Yes, just like the stereotypes would suggest.

These guys really are like they’re represented in the movies, only much cooler! The last guy who took me out introduced me to the other people in his entourage and they were all loads of fun. We spent the entire night together, drinking and partying. We partied all through the night and by the time the morning came, that’s all we had done!

The businessman who booked me was perfectly happy with the whole situation, he just wanted to have a really good time with a pretty independent Japanese escort who could actually speak Japanese. Apparently, he’d tried on previous visits to London and not been able to get one that could also speak fluent English well enough to party with him. What a guy! I wish they were all like him!

So let me know if you want to party all night (especially if you’re paying). And don’t worry, you don’t have to be Japanese, as long as your nice and like to spoil pretty girls like me! Call me xxx

Ria X

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